Hygiene Boxes & Water Galore!

Our finalized hygiene boxes, 34 in all, were delivered to Volunteers of America Oregon’s Home Free program.  Then, we jogged across town and delivered cases of water, paper plates, napkins and plastic flatware to Clackamas Women’s Services’ parenting program.

Volunteers of America (VOA) has many different programs which assist people in a variety of different situations in their lives.  Home Free is their program for women, often with children, who are escaping domestic violence.  Our care boxes will be given to their clients seeking emergency housing – as a token of our concern and as a symbol of us lending them our “strength” during a difficult time.  Rather than having their own shelter, VOA fills that need by using vouchers for local motels.  Given their broad range of programs, expect to see other partnership projects with VOA in the future!

Clackamas Women’s Services (CWS) works in the same field.  Their mission is to promote self-empowerment of women and children so that they can live free of domestic and sexual violence.  Their parenting program is called “Make Parenting a Pleasure / Haga de la Paternidad un Placer.”  There are four groups throughout the year, 2 each in the Fall and Spring.  Our donations will save CWS from using their limited budget on supplies so they can focus on purchasing food for the shared meals that are offered as part of the group program.  CWS does run their own shelter.  In fact CWS is in process of building a new one.  Again, future projects supporting CWS are very likely!

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