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Night Strike: Walking the Walk

Night Strike is a community gathering under the Burnside Bridge every Thursday night.  While hot meals and new sleeping bags are given out, the main goals are to create community, share humanity, and foster connections with those living on the streets of Portland.  It’s run by a group called Because People Matter (BPM), a Christian-based nonprofit that aims to serve marginalized people by developing […]

Weighted Blankets

We did it! Seventeen of us gathered together to produce 11 (yes, eleven!) weighted blankets.  Our lofty goal was to make 10 of them.  Our ladies got it done … and then some! What’s a weighted blanket?  Just what you think it is!  It’s a blanket with weighted plastic beads sewn into internal pockets, similar in style […]

Hygiene Boxes & Water Galore!

Our finalized hygiene boxes, 34 in all, were delivered to Volunteers of America Oregon’s Home Free program.  Then, we jogged across town and delivered cases of water, paper plates, napkins and plastic flatware to Clackamas Women’s Services’ parenting program. Volunteers of America (VOA) has many different programs which assist people in a variety of different situations in their […]