Weighted Blankets

We did it! Seventeen of us gathered together to produce 11 (yes, eleven!) weighted blankets.  Our lofty goal was to make 10 of them.  Our ladies got it done … and then some!

What’s a weighted blanket?  Just what you think it is!  It’s a blanket with weighted plastic beads sewn into internal pockets, similar in style to a down comforter.  Our blankets weighed about 10 pounds each, and were donated to a local shelter through  Giving Connection on October 10th.

Giving Connection coordinates with local agencies aiding girls and young women who are surivors of sex trafficking.  The blankets mimic the feeling of a hug but don’t require another person be in the victims’ personal space.  Therapists and social workers have found this to be very helpful and these blankets are in big demand in Multnomah County.

We are so please that we could send these safe “hugs” out to those who need them most!

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